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How to Stand Out When Working in Sales

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Working in sales is extremely competitive and standing out from the crowd will allow you to get noticed and make more money. Being able to talk the talk is one thing, but having the expertise to be a great salesperson and knowing the right tricks will get you further. There are several ways in which you can stand out from your colleagues to get noticed and move your way up the career ladder, and here are the best ways to do so. Be Yourself So many people in sales try to pretend to be someone they Read more [...]

Evaluating the Impact of Facilities Management on Business Productivity

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Facilities management has a direct impact on business productivity and can affect your employees in more ways than one. Every dollar that goes into unneeded effort and resources is taken away from the business’ profit margin. However, the quality of the environment people work in cannot be underestimated, though it is harder to quantify. Let’s evaluate the impact of facilities management on business productivity. Employee Health and Wellness Choices made by facilities management can impact Read more [...]