3 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Can Add Value to Your Small Business

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Over the years, cosmopolitan cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles have become synonymous with entrepreneurial adventure. Just look at San Francisco and its tech playground, Silicon Valley. It is teeming with startup ventures and digital agencies, all trying to take advantage of the latest market trend. Yet, there is good reason to believe that this fertile bubble is now on the decline.1

According to analysts, the economic recession has made it tougher for small businesses to survive in the States. Rent costs are rising and many entrepreneurs and SMEs are being priced out. The same thing is currently happening in London, but in both the UK and the US, the startup market continues to grow. Clearly, young companies are adapting.

This guide to the benefits of virtual workspaces will explain why opting for a flexible office could be your key to success.

Building a Corporate Brand

Older brands and bigger businesses don’t like to admit that a successful company can be run out a garage, a shed, or a bedroom. Yet, we know that it is true because many famous entrepreneurs have done it this way. Crucially, however, they’re not in their bedrooms anymore. After a certain point, you really do need a proper corporate address. This is as much for image purposes as anything else.

Investors are always going to be more convinced by a company with the right signs of professionalism. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for a full, long-term office lease to get them. Virtual offices are like the gyms of the corporate world. You can visit whenever you like and pay to use only the tools and resources that are valuable to your business. Visit www.servcorp.com/en/virtual-offices/ to find out about the best facilities available in New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.

Giving Your Business Added Relevance

Generally, businesses that are situated close to the central shopping and financial districts of major cities get the most opportunities. If you’re two blocks from Wall Street, for instance, you’re clearly better placed to sell to wealthy consumers and attract big money investors. However,central locations mean high rental costs and many small businesses simply cannot afford to relocate. What they can do – and what you can do – is cheat the system.

Virtual offices are set up to function as fully equipped, on demand workspaces. If you’re a registered customer, you can visit anytime anduse the address as your business address. You can even set up a mailbox service, which will process and hang on to your letters until your next visit. So, you can keep your store or workshop out of town and benefit from an impressive city location.

Making the Business Available to Clients

The one thing you do need to remember is the importance of business contacts and networking. Forging the right relationships is vital, particularly for start-ups, because it could mean the difference between small fry projects and landing the contract of a lifetime. All good virtual office facilities include access to high-quality conferencing rooms and meeting spaces.

So, even if you don’t operate out of a traditional office,you can still host important clients and investors in a professional environment. These conferencing rooms contain video equipment, projectors, electronic whiteboards, and other presenting tools. If you need help setting any of the resources up, you only have to speak with an office manager or representative.

Finding the Right Virtual Office for Your Business

There are scores of great virtual facilities in many of the major US cities, from Dallas to Boston, Atlanta, and beyond. To find one that works for you, take a look at the office solutions in the area that you want your business to be associated with. This might be a location that you’re planning to relocate to or it could just be somewhere that you split your time between. Either way, the first step should be to take a guided tour and experience the environment for yourself.



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