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Australia men and women that find a spouse or a possible spouse overseas should not have too many worries. In many countries it can be difficult to bring your wife or finance home with you. You may need to consult an immigration lawyer in Australia in order to get your paperwork accepted by the immigration office, but it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of love and happiness. You and your new partner will enjoy your new lives together in Australia after some paperwork is completed after a short period of time. Keeping your hopes up will make the situation easier and more bearable, but it’s not a long process anyway.

AustraliaThere is a special visa your partner can get if they would like to marry you. Once this visa is accepted, the partner may come to Australia and stay for up to nine months before the wedding occurs. The visa ensures that the partner is readily available for the wedding to occur when it happens. You could think of it as a temporary residency visa even though it only lasts for nine months. The prospective Marriage visa certainly affords the holder many rights that they otherwise would not have.

The Prospective Marriage visa allows holders to travel to and from Australia an unlimited number of times. One could think of it as a temporary passport. Since you’ll be staying for a while before the wedding ceremony, you may even be able to find work with this visa, even though some employers may not accept your application. You could also study in an Australian university, but you would not be eligible to receive funding from the government to cover the costs of your education. After the marriage becomes official, you can then apply for a Partner visa, which will award you far more benefits.

An immigration lawyer can help you get everything sorted out when you arrive in Australia. It may even be helpful to contact a lawyer before you arrive in the country so that they are aware of your situation when you get to the office. It won’t be long until you and your partner can enjoy your lives in the beautiful country. The government isn’t there to keep you from achieving your dreams. It’s just that it is important to do everything by the book from the very beginning to avoid potential problems. That’s where a lawyer is most useful to you.

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