A Vision of Virtual – Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Offices

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Business is an ever growing and changing environment. With new technology comes new ways of doing things in the business world. This applies to the office space as well.

Traditional office space has become outdated, replaced by virtual offices.


Servcorp virtual offices are a solution to your workplace dilemmas. They are office spaces that you can rent on a month-to-month basis for a very reasonable fee.


Keep reading below to discover everything you need to know about virtual offices and how they can help your business.




If you are a new business, a startup, or a small to medium enterprise, you know how hard it is to get your business off the ground. One of the attractions that older companies have over startups is theprestige and credibility of owning a thriving business. This has changed with the advent of virtual offices. A new business can now enjoy the influence of a virtual office in which they have a well-known address as well as a local telephone number. The minute you walk into the elegant and extravagant lobby, you can see the professionalism and power the company holds.




One of the unfortunate parts of a traditional office is that you cannot pick it up and take it with you when you travel to new client destinations. With virtual offices, you can travel and take your office with you. With virtual office solutions, you andyour team can have quality and high standard service whether you are in the office or traveling to and from. A local office with a dedicated receptionist will greet your clients. You also have access to boardrooms, meeting rooms, and co-working spaces.




The one item that is always changing in any industry is technology. It is no different with business. You will receive state of the art tech with secure, high-speed Wi-Fi in addition to fiber-based tier-one managed internet service. Your uptime is 99%, and access speeds are up to one GB in the latest wireless standards. You also get VoIP conferencing and can have a local number on your cellular device when you travel. Technology is taken seriously with virtual office solutions and is worth your time to review.




Running a business is hard work, and you cannot be expected to do it all alone. With a traditional office, you would be responsible for the hiring and firing process along with interviews and benefits. By selecting and using a virtual office, you will receive a dedicated receptionist that will answer the telephone in your company’s name. He or she is also bilingual. They will greet clients and take message among many other duties. Also, you will have a mail delivery person to manage your packages and deliveries on a timely basis.




One of the primary benefits of a virtual office is themonth-to-month agreement that you get to sign. There are no more one-year leases that you have to sign and then hope for the best. You have low risk in starting your business because you do not have to set aside financing just for the brick and mortar building. You will be saving much more money by investing in a virtual office and can put all your profits back into the business rather than paying for property and repairs in the future.


Why A Virtual Office Is Right For You


Virtual office solutions are the way to go whether you are an established business or are starting a new venture. Virtual offices offer many benefits including industry standard high tech with 99% uptime speeds and secure high-speed Wi-Fi. You also will enjoy added assistance with a bilingual receptionist and a mail courier. You will have beautiful locations with high-end finishes such as granite and marble, and you will have gorgeous views of the city.


In addition, you will save money by not signing a multi-year lease as you can sign a month-to-month contract. Lastly, you will gain both prestige and credibility with the use of a virtual office. Investigate virtual office solutions for your business!


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