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How to Prepare Physically and Mentally to Become a Police Officer

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There are many reasons why you might want to become a police officer. It could be the excitement of never living the same work day twice, or the rewarding feeling of helping people. You may think it’s a good idea to study laws and procedures, and it is. However, becoming a police officer requires more than high exam scores. It requires both physical and mental strength.

Before researching an online criminal justice degree, you probably realized that a police academy will test you on your knowledge of the field. What you may not know is that you’ll also have your physical and mental fitness tested. Unlike knowledge-based tests, physical tests are performed before and after academy training. Mental batteries are given before you can enter the academy.

Preparing Physically and Mentally to Become a Police Officer How to Prepare Physically and Mentally to Become a Police Officer

The academy does give officers physical training, but to be most effective, you should begin working out well before you turn in an application. Running is a staple exercise. The faster you can run, the better off you are in the field. Make sure to work on both distance running as well as sprinting because you will be doing both. You might see police officers in your town pulling people over, driving, or sitting in their cars. Indeed, there is time spent sitting down, but a police officer’s job is unpredictable. You can go from sitting behind the wheel to running after a perpetrator within seconds.

Weight Lifting
Lifting weights can give you the power to wrestle yourself away from a threat, or to keep control of a weapon. Exercises with free weights are best because they will help you with balance and coordination in addition to strength. CrossFit training programs are also an excellent supplement to anyone who pursues an online criminal justice degree.

How to Prepare Physically and Mentally to Become a Police Officer How to Prepare Physically and Mentally to Become a Police Officer

Martial Arts
The best way to prepare your body for police work is to study a martial art. Police academies teach their students basic judo, but because of the wide availability of martial arts training for civilians, it’s best to go beyond the basics. A bonus is that most martial arts also teach students to focus and strengthen their minds.

Mental Conditioning
Probably the last thing you thought about when researching an online criminal justice degree was whether or not you would be mentally fit for the job. This is the hardest preparation to make because you’re ultimately preparing yourself to witness sickness, death, and violent attacks on innocents. You may have to take a life yourself. How do you prepare?

Violent altercations can cause both depression and anxiety. Learning positive coping skills can make the difference between weeks of sadness and months or years of grief. Many bookstores carry self-help books and CDs that teach these skills.  Another way to prepare your mind is to sign up for a ride-along with a police officer. You can ask about what kinds of trouble they deal with all day, how they prepared for their job, and what they think the toughest parts of the job are. Ask them how they cope with it. You’ll learn a lot.

In the police world, knowledge will help you catch criminals, but your mind and body will keep you alive and functioning. So don’t stop at an online criminal justice degree; take the next step in preparation by conditioning your body and your mind.


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Why it’s Time for the Washington Redskins to Change their Name

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Political correctness comes part and parcel with living in a modern, global society. Though there are times when the move toward political correctness seems to go a bit too far, the reality is that the principle behind the practice is sound.

One area in which the PC movement seems to strike the right balance is the use of slurs or epithets directed toward a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. In general, the use of such language is frowned upon by society at large.

Why its Time for the Washington Redskins to Change their Name Why its Time for the Washington Redskins to Change their Name

This is one of the reasons why the continued use of the term “Redskins” to describe the Washington. NFL team is beyond astounding. If you listen to the supporting arguments, coming from people like team owner Dan Snyder, who shares in the revenue of NFL cable TV deals, you’ll hear that the team name should remain because it’s traditional, and that fans identify the name with a football team, not a slur. While it seems true that most supporters of the name aren’t seeking to actively offend Native Americans, the reality of the “tradition” argument is a much more prickly matter.

The problem with arguing the tradition angle is that plenty of really awful, horrifying things were also once considered tradition. At one time, women and minorities couldn’t vote, based on tradition. In much too recent history, segregating people of different races was perfectly acceptable in society, based on tradition. The list goes on and on, ad infinitum. What matters is that many things that were once acceptable, even traditional, are now looked back upon with disgust.

This is especially true of language, which often evolves much more quickly than other aspects of society. Many terms once used regularly to describe or insult people of different backgrounds have essentially been stripped from the global lexicon. Sure, some people may still use these terms, but those people are either quickly educated, assuming that they didn’t know that what they were saying was wrong, or chastised and shunned, assuming they used the term with malicious intent.

The bottom line is that even if a lot of people are offended by the name of the Washington Redskins, then the name should be changed. That fans who just want to watch their favorite team don’t mean to offend Native Americans when using the term is largely irrelevant.

Groups like the Oneida Indian Nation are fighting to have the name changed, because they find it offensive. This leaves the supporter of the name with two choices – continue to use the term, with full knowledge that it is a slur which offends a large group of people, or decide to change the name, based on the fact that so many people are offended by it.Why its Time for the Washington Redskins to Change their Names Why its Time for the Washington Redskins to Change their Name

With the growing, organized opposition to the name, people who support its use can no longer plead ignorance. It is a fact that many people are offended by it, and that a growing number of people, Native American and otherwise, support the name change.

Tradition is no excuse for bigotry, which is proven regularly as society becomes more inclusive and casts aside old prejudices. The NFL should take the lead here, using some of the money from their cable TV deals for positive change, instead of maintaining the status quo.



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Advantages of Becoming a Surgeon

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Advantages of Becoming a Surgeon Advantages of Becoming a SurgeonIf you can’t wait to get into a pair of Cherokee Scrubs and you’re looking to become a doctor, very few positions are as crucial and fascinating as that of the surgeon. Surgeons are doctors who perform surgical procedures to treat health problems or injuries from diseases or various kinds of accidents.

On top of a bachelor’s and a doctoral degree in the field of medicine, surgeons usually go through quite a bit of residence training in one or more hospitals. But what are the advantages to becoming a surgeon?

As it turns out, there are plenty.

For one, the pay is fantastic. The medical field is already a high-paying line of work, and surgeons are among the highest paid in the field. The exact salary varies by the work setting and the location. For example, surgeons in big-city hospitals get paid more because of the greater need and the sheer number of surgeries they perform. On average, surgeons make something like 250,000 per year, in addition to a full range of benefits.

Work Flexibility
A surgeon also has a great deal of flexibility in their work. They can choose to work in general practice, or they can choose an area of specialization to focus on. Often, a surgeon starts as a general surgeon, but through practice and further education they develop a specialization somewhere down the line.

Examples of this are heart surgeons, whose expertise lies in understanding how the heart interacts with the body and how to safely and successfully operate on it. Neurosurgeons, on the other hand, focus on neck and brain injuries. Your specialization could also be an age group, such as children or the elderly, or even a specific condition if the demand is high enough.

Job Security
If you’re a fully-trained surgeon, your job is one of the most secure in the job market today. Surgeons don’t have to fight to find a place that needs their work. In fact, in recent years, they’ve become ‘in demand’ more than usual. On top of that, most surgeons work in metropolitan areas, so there’s a great need for good, skilled surgeons in the more rural areas.

Embrace the Challenge
The life of a surgeon is a very challenging one. If that statement drew you in more than it scared you off, you might just be right for the job.

You’d think that money would be a key driver in someone’s choice to become a surgeon, but when it comes down to it, just as manyAdvantage of Becoming a Surgeon Advantages of Becoming a Surgeon people choose this career path for the challenging and stimulating work it offers. They wake up each morning looking forward to the day’s many puzzles to solve, and often even enjoy the adrenaline kick from such a high-stress environment. The respect that stems from a successful surgeon’s work is also earned. Doctors in life-saving positions are some of the highest-respected people in society today, more so even than our political leaders. (That’s not saying much right now, but still.)

Changing Lives
However, the biggest advantage to becoming a surgeon is the impact you’ll make in the lives of other people. Surgeons have one of the most important jobs in modern medicine. They deal with extreme cases of physical unhealth, disease and injury.

The work that surgeons do not only saves many lives, but it also drastically improves the quality of life for patients who deal with chronic and restrictive injuries. ER surgeons, for example, work in a high-pressure environment dealing with people suffering from unexpected traumas. For many of these patients, the surgeon is the difference between life and death. What could be more important than that?

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