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Monaco Hospitality packages make it possible to attend the best race of the year with ease. Inside of the Monaco Hospitality packages is everything needed to head out to Monte Carlo to enjoy the races without worry. This includes your hotel, dinner, drinks, race tickets, after and pre-party race tickets and so much more, depending upon the selected package. And Justas the Formula One race is exquisite, so are the packages that you can book.

Monaco Grand Prix Hospitality

At the upcoming 2014 Monaco race you may be able to catch a glimpse of the new F1 McLaren race car. This car, a Mercedes MP4-29, will be driven by Jenson Button and his teammate, rookie Kevin Magnussessen. If they are able to secure wins before the big day at Monaco it is very much possible that you will be among the first to experience this new and very impressive race car these two men will be using.

Another new car is scheduled to be revealed in the 2014 F1 racing season. This vehicle, the E22, is being released by Lotus, is very different from any other race car that you’ve saw on the tracks thus far. This vehicle will feature a split-nose design that is sure to turn heads. Only time will tell us what this race car is going to be capable of doing, and by February of the year we will get this exciting opportunity. When you have your Monaco Hospitality package in hand you’re sure to be in the crowd when this race car roars around the track.

Along with new vehicles, some of the rules have changed for the 2014 race season. While those changes are not drastic they can make a difference in the races and the way they are run. If you’ve ever taken advantage of Formula One hospitality packages in the past you are surely going to notice those changes first.  You should get to know some of these changes if you’re concerned. Then when you arrive at the race you will be fully prepared and ready for the events.

It is time to book your Grand Prix F1 Hospitality packages without delay. You can see that there will be plenty of excitement in the races for the year, and with the Formula 1 Hospitality packages you won’t miss a single beat! These packages are fun and exciting and make it easy to be at the races where you want to be without hassle.


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