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How to Make the Most of Social Media

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Some studies have suggested that in the US, about 90 percent of companies use social media, and in Europe, that number is probably similar. Social media has become a part of marketing and is here to stay. In fact, a whole new field of study has opened up, and social media analytics and social marketing techniques are rapidly evolving.

Understanding your customers

To use social media for marketing techniques, you have to ask yourself some important questions. A good understanding of your potential customers and how they use social media is key. Do your customers use Facebook to connect with family and friends, or do they prefer Twitter, for instance? Both are different media and are used in different ways, requiring different strategies.

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Understanding the prevailing culture on these media is also important. Some products seem to do much better than others. Perfect examples include electronic devices and gadgets – customers tend to buy these when they receive positive reviews or have been recommended these products on Facebook and Twitter. Do-it-yourself items, on the other hand, fare better on other networks, such as Pinterest – as do home decorations, and arts and crafts.

Aggression doesn’t necessarily pay

There are many ways to get your message across, but being aggressive in your marketing efforts is not always productive. In fact, it often repels potential customers rather than attracting them. Screaming headlines that encourage customers to “Buy This” or “Check Our New Offers” remind them that it’s all about the money and they may feel that they are getting pushed.

Creating a club or close community of ‘insiders’ is a smarter way of handling it – making customers feel more comfortable about engaging with the business on a regular basis. Consider the teenage clothing company that promotes new hangouts or gives information on where the cool concerts are. The coffee shop that keeps customers informed about upcoming events and new promotions creates a following of people who like to be in-the-know, and this technique is much more powerful than shouting discount prices off the rooftops.

Free stuff sells

Another way of creating a following is by giving stuff away for free. This may seem counter-productive – after all, a business is supposed to make money, not give things away. However, everybody loves free stuff, and an amazing number of people sign up and participate in raffles or contests for the chance of gaining something for nothing.

Incentives to “like” or follow your business are popular and create a valuable buzz. It’s a great way to create leads and build up a database for further marketing efforts. Imagine the Facebook user who contacts your site to guess how many chocolates are in the bowl for a chance to have a free box of bonbons, or new mothers who share a page for a chance of winning baby toys. Sweepstakes may not necessarily create a large group of diehard followers, but it can reach a wide audience in the short term.

What’s most important is that your business handles social marketing in a professional manner, and understands that while platforms of social marketing are free, promotional campaigns are not – it may require free giveaways or many working hours devising strategies and spending time on social media platforms, following up. Companies that are serious about their social media strategies can contact professionals, such as, as these specialists provide invaluable insight and can lift your results to new heights.

The Benefits of Offline Marketing for Business-owners

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Although controversy may continue to rage about the origin of the politics behind last week’s budget, it cannot be denied that George Osborne’s statement was received positively by SME’s and large businesses throughout the UK. With Britain itself experiencing significant growth and experts predicting that it will supersede Germany as Europe’s largest economy by 2030, there is little doubt that contemporary business-owners are looking forward to a prosperous decade ahead. This is forcing many firms to evaluate their existing business models, however, as they look to capitalise on this growth and use it in a productive manner.

The Benefits of Offline Marketing: 3 Advantages for Small Businesses to Consider

With this in mind, it is worth considering the concept of marketing and how offline techniques may help businesses to reach a wider target market. Consider the following: –

  1. Optimise Online Methods

Increasingly, there has been a fusion of offline and online marketing techniques. The reason for this is that while some marketers have become preoccupied with the impact of online promotional campaigns, others have realised that offline strategies can actively improve the application of technology. This is because offline methods and corporeal interaction with customers can add a personal touch to a primarily online campaign, and this meld of ideas is best embodied by the popularisation of digital treasure hunts that are conducted in physical locations.

  1. Create Consistent and Widespread Branding

Whenever you focus solely on prioritising online marketing techniques, you can unwittingly create a brand that is not universally recognised. In addition to this, this oversight can also lead to the development of an inconsistent branding message, which fails to translate across both virtual and corporeal mediums. By also investing in subtly branded and colour specific marketing materials from outlets such as All Colour Envelopes, however, you can strengthen the reach of your message and lay the foundations for a consistent campaign.

  1. Establish more Meaningful Relationships with Consumers

While the development of online media may have made it easier than ever to communicate with consumers, these mediums do not necessarily lend themselves to the cultivation of meaningful relationships. This is at odds with face-to-face communication, which retains the power to establish bonds and empower in-depth discussion. This can be a key weapon for your business, so it is important to adopt a proactive approach and look to advertise at physical events such as trade shows, exhibitions and others.

Community Management Help

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Every community that has a homeowner’s association or some kind of homeowner’s collective has a great deal to do to make sure that a corporation of that type is run properly. However, people are very busy in today’s world, and that can make it much harder for them to invest the time needed in making sure that the whole community is handled right. With some assistance, however, most communities can efficiently run themselves and never lose money or time simply because they have too much to handle. Continue Reading

Paramount principle of traffic conversion optimization

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Do you think that getting high amount of traffic is enough for your business or you believe in conversions that actually defines your earning capability within a year. Both these terms are interconnected and some sort of relaxing mood observed by people who are following paramount principle of traffic conversion instead of targeting visitors but fail to convert them into buyers.

To convert traffic into fruitful business leads you have to imply various tools that make huge difference and bring back your lost deals within fewer expenses. There are different points of consideration you have to make that brings more visitors and also helps convert them into business leads. It is bit tricky at times but you can implement modern concepts of using high value tools synchronized for betterment of your online reputation that actually diverts relevant traffic and also improves chances of conversions that follows currently popular trend and builds your market value.

For traffic conversion optimization you can use SEO or other related supportive staff that helps build your brand value and also helps collect more visits from people who are interested in buying goods from your shopping store. Product optimization is another decisive factor you can watch for that works significantly and converts your traffic into real buyers.

Read and implement psychological behavior of visitors who are frequently visiting your website but not taking it seriously. It is necessary to design your website properly such that users get relevant information about products and services within few seconds without wasting their time. In couple of seconds your visitors will know about your offering and it will decide fate of your business lead as most of the visitors take decision within seconds and if they like your services and products there is no need to attract them by fake offers.

You should implement better plans before landing into new business, there are possible attempts made by you to define your services as one of the best but it is possible that your visitors are interested in something more and you have to shift focus on offering that is acceptable for users. Collect all information about recent market trends and you can convert traffic into business. Your earning capability will also depend on approach and dedication towards improvement of user experience that is quite an important factor.

Look forward to new trends of traffic conversion optimization and you will be on the top of the business. Make sure everything is up to mark and there is something special in your offer and presentation. Watch out for best optimization tools and you will be able to receive better response from visitors.

Author Bio:- Julia is professional blog writer currently working with customer experience testing company that serves millions of clients worldwide.

Entering The World Of Trade Shows As A Stranger

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If you’re a stranger to the world of trade shows and exhibition events, then you may be left wondering about how they can benefit you. For a successful experience at a trade show, it is important to establish your company’s ultimate goals and objectives beforehand so you can apply this knowledge to the design of your pop up exhibition stand and ensure that your sales pitch is on point. When it comes to trade shows, those who attend are initially looking for bold statements and eye-catching stands that will draw their attention and the perfect sales pitch to send it over the edge.

At trade shows, first impressions count making it vital to design your pop up exhibition stand according to your target audience’s preferences. As studies have shown that exhibitors have just six seconds to fully make an impact on a potential customer, it may be worthwhile investing some time conducting market research to determine exactly what your target audience likes to see and gain from trade shows in order to have the best chance of achieving the best results.

The colour scheme of your stand will be based upon the nature of your audience and your business i.e. you wouldn’t incorporate vibrant colours for a company specialising in Annuities with a target audience age range of 50+. Instead, you would adopt subtle colours for your pop up exhibition stand and use text based context in place of a variety of irrelevant pictures to attract and inform your audience to the highest standard.

Now, this may sound simple but the difficulty comes with making your stand unique and instantly recognisable on behalf of you as a company so it is advised to adopt designs appropriate for your business but that offer a little something extra to draw in the fitting audiences.  For example, following the example of an annuities business you could adopt simple designs yet ensure your pop up exhibition stand includes something a little ‘out of the norm’ such as unique 3D animations and imagery.

At trade shows you will generally be given just two choices in terms of space; space only and shell scheme. Space only refers to the process of supplying everything you need and ensuring that it fits comfortably into the space provided. Now although this option usually works out to be cheaper, many businesses struggle to facilitate with the space provided especially if they have booked their place late and have been left with the cramped area in the corner that every other exhibitor wished to avoid. The shell scheme however is known as a ‘complete package’ in which everything is supplied by the exhibition organisers.

This includes carpets, partitions, electrical sockets and lighting, however, before we get carried away there is a downside. Although everything is supplied, your stand will be exactly the same as every other exhibitors at the event making it almost impossible for you to stand out without the use of an extra pop up exhibition stand incorporated into your ultimate design. However, by using your own stand alongside the ones provided this option proves to be less cost-effective than the one prior to this.

Trade shows offer company’s and businesses a fantastic opportunity to expand brand awareness and focus on promoting their products or services in the most effective way. To enquire about pop up exhibition stands for your next event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Go Displays to find out more about the benefits of exhibition stands.

Portraying a brand passion to your audience

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Engaging with your target audience is one of, if not the most important thing that firms must try to do, especially if they are just starting up. Besides providing a great product or service, getting to know your customers is a huge priority. Just think, you can have the greatest product in the world but if your target audience doesn’t know about it then you aren’t going to be successful.

There are a number of different ways to engage with customers. For instance, you can head out into the community to meet local people to spread your message through word-of-mouth, or engage with consumers through email marketing or social media strategies. You could also distribute promotional items in your stores as a gift with purchase or as part of a direct mail campaign.

Head out into the community and get to know your local demographic

Building and maintaining solid relationships with your community should be a hugely important part of any marketing efforts, particularly if you work for a start-up. This way you can interact and share valuable information face-to-face with people that could be important customers in the future.

Remember that your brand is your reputation, so ensure you maintain it by meeting new and current customers to keep them up to date with new product developments and new service offerings. Above all, when talking to local people, be proud of what makes your company unique and the services it provides, this will rub off on those that you meet which could in turn result in referrals around the local (and potentially wider) community.

Keep things consistent

If you are trying to portray your strong brand message to customers, it is important that you are consistent. It can take a lot of time, energy and commitment to build a strong brand, however, this can easily be tarnished by an inappropriate post, picture or conversation you have with customers. Always try to be mindful of what you post online as well as offline communications such as direct mail campaigns, newspaper adverts and word of mouth marketing in your local community.

Sometimes companies promise much but deliver very little and this can be extremely frustrating for key customers and is one sure-fire way to ensure they don’t come back. If you offer customer ‘guarantees’ such as a price match promise – then you need to be confident you can back it up.

Promotional gifts can help raise brand awareness

You don’t have to have a multi-million pound marketing budget to communicate strong brand values to your target audience. Promotional gifts are a relatively cost-effective way to raise brand awareness without spending fortunes on a series of newspaper ads or TV ads.

These gifts could come in all sorts of forms, from flashdrives and bags to personalised mugs or pens – all of which can be found at 4imprint. For example, you could offer all customers who spend more than £20 in-store a free cotton shopping bag for their purchases.

Printed with your logo, brand message and contact details, the recipient will have a lasting reminder of your brand every time they reuse the bag. What’s more, the recipients’ friends, family and any passersby could also be exposed to your brand every time the recipient reuses their bag!


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Quality Computer Printing

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The specialty of HP Ink Cartridges

HP has become almost a synonym of computers and the related accessories, and the company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of such computer related products. This is all the more true, as far as printers and the allied products are concerned. Ink Cartridges are one of the specialties of the company, and they have floated a whole lot of diverse quality cartridges.  Presently, the available series of HP ink cartridges are ‘Professional’, ‘Business’, ‘Apollo’, ‘Color’, ‘Copyjet’, ‘CP’, ‘Designjet’, ‘Deskjet’, ‘Envy’, ‘DeskWriter’ ‘Digital Copier’, ‘Fax’, ‘Officejet’, ‘Photosmart’ and ‘PSC’. In each of these series, you will be able to find different quality ink cartridges, and this grand variety is the key factor that makes the company a top player in this particular industrial segment. In the ‘Photosmart’ series itself there are almost 427 varieties and in the ‘Officejet’ series just about 271 diverse qualities, whereas in the ‘Deskjet’ series, you will be able to spot almost 482 varieties.

HP ink Cartridge…

Of course, the key reason for the high popularity of HP ink Cartridges lies in the quality of the same, and this unmatched and unbeatable quality excellence makes HP ink cartridge, outstanding among the peers. Some of the notable points as far as HP ink cartridges are concerned are:

  • In the first and foremost place, the company takes care to float a broad spectrum of ink cartridges that cover the entire segment of computer printer users. This keeps out the problem of ‘lack of availability’.
  • The second key point is that all HP ink cartridges will be having the highest possible quantity of ink, and so, the customers can use them for much longer periods.
  • Then comes the point of pricing; all HP ink cartridges are reasonably priced, but even then, there will not be any compromises on quality.
  • Another notable point is the matchless consistency, with which one can bring out excellent printouts.
  • All HP ink cartridges belong to the ‘environment friendly’ class.
  • HP ink cartridges are developed by implementing the ‘Advanced Printing Ink Technology’.
  • The ‘per page cost’ will become economical, page after page, and this easy on the pocket nature is indeed an attractive feature that makes HP one of the market leaders.
  • HP Cartridges not only facilitate good quality printing, but also give extended life to the printers. The working of printers will be smooth and this assures long life to them.

Are there online resellers for HP products?

Certainly, there are a whole lot of online resellers for HP ink cartridges and other HP products, and this is in accordance with the overall social change. Because of this, the purchasing process of HP products has become trouble-free. In addition to this, there are numerous retails stores, who specialize in selling HP products, in all parts of the world. In fact, online purchasing is the best method currently, when everybody is experiencing lack of time for the conventional methods of shopping. Everyone can do this, even while enjoying the personal comforts of one’s own home. For this, one has to click and find HP ink at Cartridge ink.

Why Cab Companies Need To Utilise Their Brand Image

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A company’s brand image is crucial to its success. Customers will witness the image of a brand before they try their service, and before they use a cab company, they will be enticed by the imagery on the cars as they drive around locally.

The History of Brand Image

Branding history delves far back into the past, with some of the first reasons for branding coming from the need to distinguish different farmer’s animals. As a way of standing out from the rest, farmers would mark their animals with a distinctive symbol by burning a hot iron rod into their skin. A brand is seen as somewhat an intangible asset. It can be invaluable to a business, and it can be revered by customers.

Use Branding to Create Your Values

For companies that run a taxi fleet, customer relations is a crucial aspect of their business. Every day that they are working they will be in contact with their customers. Even when they are not giving someone a lift to work, it is likely that another person might see their brand image on the way to work. This is why it’s important to have a common distinctive image that people will remember and associate with your company. This way you will develop a familiarity with customers.

Keep a Constant Strapline  

All cab companies have their go to strapline and brand slogan, and for most it works very well. When thinking of an image for a company like this, it is crucial that the company identifies what will engage their cliental. Companies update their brand image sometimes, but it’s important to maintain values. For instance, a good cab company strapline could relate to how using them is the best way to not drink and drive. Some of the best brands, either allure their customers with mesmerising colours or simply just relay benefits to them.

The Art of Making Your Company Look Bigger

One of the most important aspects about branding is to make yourself look bigger than you are. For a cab company, a great idea is to purchase an array of quality fleet vehicles from a company like Cab Direct that may make it look like the company is a burgeoning business. The bigger a company looks, the better people will think they are. A company like this is advised to try and purchase vehicles that are of a higher standard than their competitors, thus gaining an edge in the industry.


A New Home in Australia

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Australia men and women that find a spouse or a possible spouse overseas should not have too many worries. In many countries it can be difficult to bring your wife or finance home with you. You may need to consult an immigration lawyer in Australia in order to get your paperwork accepted by the immigration office, but it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of love and happiness. You and your new partner will enjoy your new lives together in Australia after some paperwork is completed after a short period of time. Keeping your hopes up will make the situation easier and more bearable, but it’s not a long process anyway. Continue Reading