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A social care job can often seem like a thankless task. Often, there is a factor of long and impractical hours, with service users that can be particularly troublesome to work in. So why do people still work within this industry? The answer is that even though the job and tasks within that job can be extremely demanding, it is also the case that job satisfaction levels can also be extremely high. In this article, we will look at some examples of how a social care job can make a true difference to someone’s life. If you are embarking into a role in social care, these type of moments need to be remembered if you’re going to get through some of the more troubling aspects of working in social care.

Firstly, it is important to remember that your actions in this industry make a huge difference to a number of people. Most importantly, care users themselves benefit massively in terms of wellbeing and care. It must also be remembered that friends and family of those being cared for can also take comfort in knowing their loved one is getting the professional treatment that is needed. While these people also get more autonomy within their own lives, if they are not having to care for a loved one full time. This can also help with financial burdens a family might go through due to a member needing care on a daily basis.


Most jobs can’t offer some of the lasting relationships that are made within social care. The bond created between yourself and care users will be a strong one, and something that will be needed when the going gets tough. Often, social care can revolve around end of life care. Of course, there are many aspects of this role that are unpleasant. Yet, overall it has to be remembered you are making someone’s last months, weeks, and days as comforting and fulfilling as possible. This type of relationship is all too finite, but the memory of knowing you helped someone at this moment in their life will stay with you forever.


One thing to remember is how much everything can fluctuate in this industry. You need to be ready for any eventuality at the drop of a hat. There will be tough days in this industry, but also fantastic ones. Using the latter of these to help with the former is crucial if you are going to thrive in a social care job.

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