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So many people have moved from traditional careers to starting their own ebusinesses after leaving a traditional career. But while they may have the best products and the best business model, setting up an ecommerce site may be alien territory to them.

A good website is the logical starting point for a successful ebusiness. What to include on your site is not always that clear-cut, though.

As with all things business-related, first impressions count. A clean easy-to-use format is essential. Sites that are confusing and difficult to navigate lose customers and it is hard to get them to come back. If you are not very design-savvy, a ready-made template might be your best choice.

You may feel comfortable tracking your sales and inventories using a pencil and a piece of paper, but juggling all those details takes time away from the business of making money. Using software or a web service to do this for you makes better use of your time. Most are very affordable, too.

“Time is money” is a business truism that you cannot afford to ignore. If you struggle to attach a document to an email, then you should reconsider setting up a web page by yourself. There are companies who can do it for you for a modest price.

Advertising and marketing are valuable tools in growing a business. If these are not your forte, retaining the help of an experienced emarketing company will spread the word while you run your company.

Getting paid for your product or service is the real point of being in business, and ecommerce is no exception. In a brick and mortar business, you can rely on cash registers and point-of-sale devices. Online, this becomes trickier because payments often travel through several hoops before reaching your bank account.

If cash handling, accounts receivable and invoicing make your head swim and your mouth yawn, you are probably better off hiring a company to do this for you. There are many who specialize in this segment of business administration who would be happy to retain you as a client.

Entrepreneurs are known for their ability to create new business concepts and launch it. Many do not have the time or talent to set up an ebusiness site or to do their own payment processing. The wise ones play to their strengths and hire other people to perform these vital tasks. Many are turning to 1 Shopping Cart to handle their ebusiness needs.

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