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Keeping track of employee attendance is crucial to generating payroll. And to be perfectly honest, having an accurate and automated employee time clock system will reduce, if not completely eliminate, the risk of logging hours that haven’t actually been worked. This is especially true with clock systems that are in view of video cameras; or if you use a system that relies on a personal ID badge to be swiped. Or, if you’re in the security industry, consider upgrading to a fingerprint scanner.

clockThese are especially pricey, but where security is concerned, requiring employees to gain access by having their fingerprint scanned is definitely a feasible option, thanks to today’s technology. You may click here to see some of the more advanced options for time clock systems.

But for most businesses, a more simplistic style of time clock system will do the job simply by having employees enter in a code, or swipe a badge. Some time clock systems can even keep a list of all current employees, and an employee who wants to log-in or log-out simply needs to select his or her name from the list, and then confirm the entry.

As an employer, having employees’ clock-in and clock-out info monitored and logged is a great way to keep track of payroll. More advanced systems can be configured to work with your existing computer system, so you can efficiently keep track of sales, profits, inventory, and payroll from one central database. Some time clock systems can even estimate payroll for you, so in the coming weeks or months you won’t have to guess about the hours you’ll need to have filled, but simply allow the system to take over and make recommendations based on past sales as well as the time of year it is (the holiday shopping season, for example, is a time of year when a time clock system might suggest more hours and employees than usual).

A time clock system is an investment that you will want to spend some time researching before making a commitment to, but once installed and configured, should run on its own with minimal involvement from you. And if you opt for a more feature-laden system that generates system logs, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to automate some related tasks, such as payroll.

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