Questions to Ask When Renting Serviced Office

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Finding a perfect serviced office for your new business or temporary offices where you want to expand can be likened to finding real properties too. There are some things that you need to consider. The office, regardless if it is located near a Shanghai business centre or in Hong Kong will certainly be convenient and easy to find for yourself and clients. So before you start signing a contract, these questions will help you choose the right one for you and your organization.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

  1. Where do you want to hold an office?
  • Location is a main factor to consider as distance from your clients and customers in which you do business constantly might waste time in travelling.
  • Rent is something that everyone should of course consider. You should check the rent to see if it is has all the features and services available for tenants.
  1. Traffic and transportation situation can be frustrating especially if you have only a few hours spent on meeting clients and customers due to lack of transport or alternate routes during traffic situation.
  2. What kind of place and ambience am I looking for?

This is one area where people tend to ignore subconsciously and it is only towards later part that they realize that the place they rented is not exactly ideal for their business. Think of the design and environment and how you would like to feel if you were going to a meeting in someone else’s office.

  1. What features do I really need?

One of the amazing features of renting serviced offices is paying for only what you need. Therefore you have to assess what are those that you will need and use frequently so that the price tag that comes along with it can be negotiated and you pay less. You may also have other requirements which you do not know that can be provided for an additional fee such as extra table and chairs, personal secretary, or assigned personal security.

  1. Are there networking possibilities for me?

Connections are good for business, this is why businessmen enlist themselves in socio-civic organizations to connect with similar people like them and gain business opportunities. Thus, when renting serviced offices, one should also take into consideration networking possibilities with other tenants and their customers too. A visit and skimming through tenant’s directories will give you an idea if there is indeed connecting possibilities for you and your business.

It is an added bonus if you can find all of the things mentioned above in the Shanghai business centre. It is not a huge task once you begin weighing in all the factors when you start looking for a service office to suit your needs and for your own work purposes. Looking and renting a suitable office in China couldn’t be any easier. Just make sure that everything you want in a serviced apartment has the things you require. You can even ask to negotiate the price if there are some things that you know you just won’t need.

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