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All businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve customer retention, increase the spending their customers make and increase referrals for new customers. Knowing how to achieve this can be difficult. There are ways in which you could attempt to do this yourself such as promotions, loyalty rewards or high quality advertising campaigns to name a few methods. But you should know that there is now a much easier and more straightforward way to do this. Technology has aided businesses massively in recent years, and now it can help to boost your business and make the running of it smooth and simple as well.


There are applications that have been developed to manage and help run stores, and they can also be used to get clients to spend more money when they visit. Salons are a good example of a business type that have benefited greatly from these applications. Retention marketing is one of the most important as it is proven to be more profitable to keep your existing customers than constantly recruit new ones, so creating loyalty is key to your success. This can be achieved through utilising popular social media channels, having a scheme to reward customers for any referrals and getting them to try out new products, sending out SMS reminders and a few other clever techniques.


Applications to Assist in the Day to Day Running of your Business


A lot of these applications that have been developed for salons and other similar establishments can even be used to book appointments, make sales, check statistics and stock levels. Management software packages, including ones available from Phorest and other similar developers, can be used on your iPad and iPhone which makes them easy to implement as well. This also allows you to use these packages remotely, and this brings advantages for both you and your clients as it effectively keeps your business open even when you are not at work yourself.


An application like this could transform your business and help to improve profit through customer retention, higher spending and more customers through referrals. The software can also be used to assist in the daily running of a salon or similar establishment, so it is clear why so many business owners are now implementing them into their own organisations and reaping the rewards.

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