Turning to Ecommerce: Why Successful Businesses Sell Online

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Today it appears almost a necessity for businesses to promote their brand, if not sell their services and products, online. As stark as this may sound, the threat of not doing so could quite easily render your business invisible to the vast majority of potential customers that are rapidly becoming more internet savvy and global in outreach.

The challenge is such that any business NOT operating online is limiting their chances of competing with others in a marketplace that has become incredibly popular. Society is being revolutionised by online technologies and we are becoming more ingrained with online modes of communication, research and purchasing.

For this reason, companies are looking at ecommerce as an online strategy that provides them with a shopfront to promote themselves to a fully consumerized society.

Increasingly, when people look to buy goods and services, they do so via the Internet using search engines, social media and online interactions with friends, family, colleagues, etc. This trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Ecommerce provides the simplest, cheapest, most convenient way to shop anywhere, any time… from a PC, tablet or mobile of your choice. For browsing, researching and then buying, ecommerce provides ultimate freedom and peace of mind to make the right choice, at the right time and at the right price.

For any size of business, Magento ecommerce offers a plethora of custom designed solutions to start selling online. Above all, Magento is not just a platform for the technologically astute, or those with deep pockets. With various tools and services available through its open source community, Magento can help any type of business to create a simple, safe and scalable online presence. The benefits of such a migration are considerable:

1) Global visibility for your brand, products and services. Embrace consumerized society that spawned from mobile technology and the marketing power of Internet research.
2) Ultimate convenience ecommerce platforms that are customisable for generic or niche business models. With simple templates or complex design, get started in minutes.
3) Broadening your geographic reach, Magento ecommerce has the connectivity to open doors to every region and geography – local, regional, national and international.
4) Minimal complexity or cost to set up, hosted ecommerce platforms are feature rich and template based for the easy design of new build, or migrations of existing, online shops.
5) With 24/7 availability your online shop is an ever present selling portal. Maintained at minimal cost compared to running a physical store with overheads and rigid opening times.
6) Integrity of service without limits on geographic reach establishes brand awareness in traditional and emerging markets. Targeting demographics few can match.
7) Brand awareness can also be established and maintained through ecommerce design that is tailor-made to deliver the ultimate customer experience for residual visitors and purchasers.
8) Building a clutter free and robust ecommerce shopfront gives internal and external stakeholders total confidence in your business as an online brand of serious repute.
Ecommerce shopfronts are no longer a divine right of the technologically adept or financially lavish. With web development platforms in abundance, ecommerce solutions such as Magenta, Joomla and WordPress provide any business with the opportunity to sell their services and products online.

This can be achieved easily, professionally and securely, with immediate effect for you to capitalise on far reaching online audiences. The benefits of setting up such an ecommerce shopfront are pretty much endless as more people come online to make purchase decisions, if not buy outright.

Creating a unique online store for your business not only differentiates you from competition but also provides speed and agility to be first to market, in people’s minds eye at all times and delivering an end-user experience that sets you up for success, for years to come.


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