Your Duty as a Small Business-owner: The Importance of Health and Safety

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The prevailing level of sentiment among SME’s in the UK remains extremely positive at present, having fully rebounded from the impact of long-term recession and sluggish recovery. With more than two-thirds of independent ventures anticipating that they will recruit additional members of staff in 2014, there is ample evidence to suggest that the economy will continue its growth for the foreseeable future. This level of expansion brings considerable responsibility, however, as entrepreneurs must take steps to protect their employees and provide a suitable working environment.

How to Protect the Safety and Integrity of your Employees in the Workplace

With this in mind, what practical steps can entrepreneurs take to create a safe working environment and protect their employees? Consider the following: –

Make Allowances for All Individual Employee Requirements

Not all employees are created equal, which means that each will have a unique set of physical and mental requirements that demand your attention. As an equal opportunities employer, it is absolutely crucial that you make allowances for these and ensure that each employee is empowered to realise their full potential within the workplace. Failure to do this will not only hinder your businesses growth and the personal development of its staff, but it may also lead to discrimination lawsuits over a prolonged period of time.

Inspect your Properties and Maintain Safe Working Environments

Workplace injuries can also cost your firm thousands of pounds, and in some instances even exhaust the majority of your capital as an entrepreneur. To avoid this, it is imperative that you adopt a proactive approach towards inspecting your commercial properties and maintaining their long-term safety. A key aspect of this is adhering to contemporary regulations concerning asbestos, as this is a harmful material that can endanger the health and safety of your employees. If you require assistance with this, consider partnering with an industry professional such as Asbestos Management Services to find out more about your duties and requirements as an employer.

Have a Clearly Defined Process in Place for Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Even with the best intentions and procedures in place, accidents and injuries can easily occur within the workplace. This means that you must establish a clearly defined process for when these incidents do occur, as this will enable you to keep detailed notes and provide the afflicted employees with the best possible care and attention. You must also be willing to investigate the circumstances that lead to specific incidents, as this will help you to identify issues and implement long-term and viable solutions.

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