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You must have realized that buy now pay later online shopping with catalogues is a very appealing model today. The huge number of people using catalogues across the world, especially in the UK is staggering. In fact, with no credit check facilities, catalogue shopping on the web has become a major advantage for those unable to afford to pay for goods immediately. With buy pay later online shopping catalogues, a number of things need to be understood so that you do not get the surprise of your life once the bill for that fashionable clothing, furniture or computer comes.


If the merchant offers no credit check facility on a buy now pay later shopping via catalogues, you should not expect the price to be the same or lower as such, obviously due to the risk the merchant is making. You are not known to him and the fact that no credit check is done could be an advantage to you. The cost you charge for a product is enough to keep them in business and be there for you in the future and others who might have the worst credit scores. However, there are buy now pay later online stores that sell their brands and goods exorbitantly and have to be avoided at all times.

Interest Rates

Since the buy now pay later shopping with catalogues is similar to what no credit check buy now pay later vendors offer, it is a charge account. However, this hardly means you will be charged outrageous and exorbitant interest rates. They are usually better than those of payday loans and this should be clear from the beginning. In fact, if the terms provided to you seem higher compared to those of other charge cards, the catalogue should be avoided. Embrace online shopping with catalogues but be cautious since not everyone is out there to make you happy.

Penalties and fees

Any account out there comes with penalties and fees and buy now pay later shopping online catalogues are no exception. You should expect penalties and fees if you are late on payments on your next bill. It is however paramount to ascertain the fees you are charged are not outrageous including the fact that an early payment does not come with a penalty. Also, know whether the online shopping catalogue facility charges you any fee for clearing your balance too fast. Always make sure you have paid your dues on time when shopping with online catalogues to buy now pay later basis. It does not make sense if you are penalized for paying the bill earlier.

Before you embrace any online shopping catalogue, you are better off looking at the company profile online first. That way, you will end up knowing whether the buy now pay later facility is legit. It is also important to give a pay later store lots of details on your payment history since they would love to verify you will be able to meet your monthly payments. This might include extending some little credit at the beginning to see how long you take to repay.

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