Crime and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand, Modern World

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Technology surrounds us no matter where we go. In today’s world we human beings, are totally dependent on technology for even the smallest tasks of our lives. Technology has brought a lot of comfort to our life and also made our lives much easier. Earlier people used to think a million times before they had to travel but now travelling is a no big deal. You can travel millions of miles in a few hours and meet your loved ones. Travelling is just a minor example of the endless benefits that technology has given us. But with all the benefits also come the harms that technology has brought to mankind.

Obviously we cannot blame anyone for the harms as the harms of anything are decided and dependent upon the user. The same sort of technology has been made available to every person on Earth but some are using it for the good of mankind while others can only think about the destruction that can be caused by the use of this technology. In this article we discuss a few crimes or maybe harms that are being caused by the use of technology.

Technology and Weapons

Weapons were introduced to mankind for their security. The national defense was no more an issue because of the use of these weapons but unfortunately crime quite soon managed to make use of this technology for its own good. Weapons are no more being used for security alone, but people have started using them to commit crimes ranging from stealing to murders. People no more consider taking lives a sin but innocent people are being killed almost every day on the streets.


The growing terror of terrorism is another fruit of improper use of technology. The technology that was introduced to bring comfort to the lives of people is now being used to devastate their lives. The drone attacks, the bombs, and all sorts of deadly weapons are a result of technology but we cannot blame technology as it is not the technology that is wrong but it is being used in the wrong way.


Hacking is bliss of technology. Hackers are undoubtedly one of the most genius individuals of our society but the fact is that they are using all their intellect in the wrong way. Hackers all over the world have made a lot of news at different occasions and have managed to seriously damage the economy of various countries at various times. Hacking is not only being done on a large scale but it harms cannot be foreseen even on a small scale where individuals are blackmailed or made the target of a crime.

Technology has undoubtedly brought us a long way ahead in time but some people of our society need to understand that only because of their evil actions this blessing is taking the face of bliss. There is nothing much that can be done about the misuse of technology but at an individual level we can try to fix the mindset of the evil minds. At international level UK border agency is doing a lot to keep its people safe from all the harms that can be caused by technology. They have a number made available where you can inform about any unusual activity going on in your vicinity. All countries need to have facilities like UK border agency to prevent some serious crimes from being committed in your society.


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