Entering The World Of Trade Shows As A Stranger

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If you’re a stranger to the world of trade shows and exhibition events, then you may be left wondering about how they can benefit you. For a successful experience at a trade show, it is important to establish your company’s ultimate goals and objectives beforehand so you can apply this knowledge to the design of your pop up exhibition stand and ensure that your sales pitch is on point. When it comes to trade shows, those who attend are initially looking for bold statements and eye-catching stands that will draw their attention and the perfect sales pitch to send it over the edge.

At trade shows, first impressions count making it vital to design your pop up exhibition stand according to your target audience’s preferences. As studies have shown that exhibitors have just six seconds to fully make an impact on a potential customer, it may be worthwhile investing some time conducting market research to determine exactly what your target audience likes to see and gain from trade shows in order to have the best chance of achieving the best results.

The colour scheme of your stand will be based upon the nature of your audience and your business i.e. you wouldn’t incorporate vibrant colours for a company specialising in Annuities with a target audience age range of 50+. Instead, you would adopt subtle colours for your pop up exhibition stand and use text based context in place of a variety of irrelevant pictures to attract and inform your audience to the highest standard.

Now, this may sound simple but the difficulty comes with making your stand unique and instantly recognisable on behalf of you as a company so it is advised to adopt designs appropriate for your business but that offer a little something extra to draw in the fitting audiences.  For example, following the example of an annuities business you could adopt simple designs yet ensure your pop up exhibition stand includes something a little ‘out of the norm’ such as unique 3D animations and imagery.

At trade shows you will generally be given just two choices in terms of space; space only and shell scheme. Space only refers to the process of supplying everything you need and ensuring that it fits comfortably into the space provided. Now although this option usually works out to be cheaper, many businesses struggle to facilitate with the space provided especially if they have booked their place late and have been left with the cramped area in the corner that every other exhibitor wished to avoid. The shell scheme however is known as a ‘complete package’ in which everything is supplied by the exhibition organisers.

This includes carpets, partitions, electrical sockets and lighting, however, before we get carried away there is a downside. Although everything is supplied, your stand will be exactly the same as every other exhibitors at the event making it almost impossible for you to stand out without the use of an extra pop up exhibition stand incorporated into your ultimate design. However, by using your own stand alongside the ones provided this option proves to be less cost-effective than the one prior to this.

Trade shows offer company’s and businesses a fantastic opportunity to expand brand awareness and focus on promoting their products or services in the most effective way. To enquire about pop up exhibition stands for your next event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Go Displays to find out more about the benefits of exhibition stands.

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