Five Things to Consider When it Comes to Logistics & Shipping

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When you work in the world of e-commerce, there is a whole lot to think about on a daily basis. If you are just about to launch your very own online shop, you are sure to have an adventure from this point in. It can be very rewarding when you do things well, but it could be helpful for you to have some advice to help you to get there faster than you expect.

This blog post focuses on an important topic when it comes to e-commerce, and that is to do with logistics and shipping. When people buy an item from your shop, it is up to you to get it to them on time and correctly. Keep reading to identify some key factors when it comes to this vital process for your business…


There are some shops online that sell items and only offer standard delivery, something that can take around five days or more to arrive at their customer’s doors. This simply is not good enough for some online shoppers as they want the opportunity to have items much more quickly than this – including the next day. It is important to find a courier who has a good success rate with fulfilling their time sensitive orders as it will help to keep customers on your side.


Of course, when you want to offer a premium service such as next day delivery, you will end up paying a higher charge to the courier. However it is commonplace to hand these costs down to the customer by way of transparent shipping costs listed at the checkout. You will simply be giving people choices when it comes to what they want to pay. Also on the topic of cost, you should weigh up quality and price structure when picking couriers as you don’t want service to slip.


That moves us on nicely to quality, something which is so important in shipping and logistics. When people pay for something, they want it to be delivered by a person with a professional manner or to be put through their letter box without them waiting an age for it to arrive. You will need to find ways to ensure that products are not damaged in transit, so again this means choosing a trusted supplier.


If you are selling items that are temperature sensitive, you will also need to look at thermal packaging solutions to guarantee that products are still in perfect condition when they arrive. There are a whole range of choices to explore, whether you prefer inserts for boxes or even special envelopes.

Customer service

Finally, if a customer does complain about a damaged item or a non-existent delivery, you should take control of the situation to make sure everything is resolved quickly. If there are delays in the postal service or delivery networks due to adverse weather conditions ensure that you put a notice on your website and follow up with an email to your customers. A higher rate of communication should reduce the amount of negative feedback you receive.

Conclusion– Logistics is one of many key elements that create a logistics organization efficient. Logistics is a procedure which fall from the retailer’s entrance through to the client’s. It communicates with almost every team within the organization and with many outside organization, such as its clients. Efficient logistics moves around five key issues – Speed, Cost, Quality, Temperature, Customer service. Each of this is crucial to the achievements of logistics and to developing value-added to the organization and enhancing competiveness.





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