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Remember the garage bands of your youth?  Getting together after school to write songs, learn lyrics and practice for hours with dreams of making it big someday.  Booking gigs and lugging all that gear around was a chore, especially if the club owner threatened to cut your pay for being late.  And how many times were you paid with beer and an “atta boy!”  Well things have changed as a recent trip to the Guitar Center showed.  Now there are many apps to teach you how to play an instrument, write and record songs, and apps that can stand in for all those amps that used to fill up the back seat of your car.

There is an app called the PocketAmp that can turn your iPhone or iPad into an amp with the addition of an instrument adapter.  It allows you to get down to your favorite sounds in your iTunes playlist.  It even has a feature that will slow down any song so you can clearly hear the words and phrases.  It’s the perfect gift for the budding musician in your life.

There is an incredible amount of software available for all your music needs for sale this season on Groupon.  You can get great deals on selected items at the Guitar Center that can save you as much as 50% off purchases and qualify for free shipping so your gift arrives faster than Santa’s sleigh.

There’s even an app called AppliTube that lets you use your iPad or iPhone to process, play and record your guitar or other instrument on the go.  It’s a tone studio that allows you to build and edit guitar or bass rigs so you can easily capture your most creative moments.  Don’t let that bass line that been looping in your head get away.  Use this app to capture the beat before it vanishes like a dream.  This easy to use tool lets you drag and drop pieces of virtual gear to create the guitar and bass rigs you want with 6 stompbox effects, an amplifier and speaker cabinet with 2 microphones with variable positions, and so much more.  We certainly had nothing that easy to use back in the day.  With apps providing such a wide range of ingenuity and creativity, it might be time to get the guys back together again.


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