How to Secure a Building Permit for Business Construction

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As a business owner, you may have outgrown your current space, want to avoid leasing from someone else or just a need a change of scenery for your business operations. If you are thinking of constructing a new building or adding on to a current structure, you will likely need a building permit. Here are some tips about how to secure a building permit for business construction.

Business ConstructionWhile building permit laws and regulations vary from place to place, there are some things that are consistent. The first thing you will want to do on the path towards a building permit is determine if you actually need a permit for the project you have in mind. Minor changes such as painting or flooring will likely not require any permits. Larger projects that deal with a building’s structure, however, will probably require a permit. New buildings, remodeling, additions, tenant improvements and changing the purpose of a space (for example changing an office into a bedroom) will require a building permit.

Once you determine if you need a permit, you will need to hire a licensed, professional contractor. Make sure this individual is aware of all local codes and requirements and also ask that he or she explain these to you so that you are informed as the business owner. This professional will be able to determine if your plans are too close to the road as well as other details such a railings or height requirements so that you don’t find out something is incorrect after the fact. This can save you many headaches and frustrations.

Draw up the plans with a general contractor. This way you can provide your input and the contractor can tell you what is or is not feasible or legal. Being involved in the process is essential to seeing the results that you desire. Find out if you will need additional permits for things inside the building such as electrical wiring, plumbing or sewer lines shad of time so that you can apply for all of them at one time.

Prepare the drawings, finalize plans, and print the state required number of copies. The drawings will then need to be reviewed and approved by a licensed architect.

Next, find out about your particular localities parking and driveway restrictions before planning on paving certain areas around your new building. Finally, submit your permit applications and wait for approval! This is the last and final step so be sure that all materials are in one place before sending in your paperwork in order to streamline the process and prevent delays. Once you get the okay, you can finalize the project and begin breaking ground!

All of these tips and advice from Bigge Los Angeles will help you to successfully get all required permits needed to begin building your business’ construction project. This can be a tedious process, but if you plan ahead and use qualified professionals to guide you through the process, you will be able to build the office or location you’ve been dreaming of quickly and legally!

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