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There are many situations that occur that mean you have to move properties quickly. Perhaps you are in a chain and you need to sell to get your next mortgage? Maybe you are looking at freeing up cash in a property to use for a business opportunity? Whatever the need for speed, it can often seem like an insurmountable mountain to get things moving at the pace you want.

If you are in the position where you are desperate for a quick move, read on to hear some top tips for getting it done fast!

Cash Sale

Consider selling your house for cash with a specialist agent such as the House Buyer Bureau. These specialist agencies can offer cash deals for properties that fit in with your timescales and can be completed in as little as seven days. This is almost twenty times quicker than the average time a property spent on the market that sold this month according to these interesting facts and figures from There is a really useful section on this website actually where you can look at specific figures for your postcode, jus enter it on the left hand side at the top to get more relevant figures for your location.

Check List

As well as the actual sale itself there is of course all of the practicalities to sort out which can take as long as selling the house. To get on top of things ensure that making a clear and thorough checklist is at the top of your priority list. Start by writing on all of the different chores there are to do including the packing up of rooms, dismantling of furniture, cleaning of the house and re-decorating if relevant. Don’t forget to include the important but often forgotten details such as taking metre readings and handing over keys.

Get Help

Once you have got your list ready to go, seek out as many volunteers from friends, family and neighbours as possible and assign each one (or each team if you are lucky enough to have that many volunteers) a task. That way it is clear who is responsible for what and you can see what is left for you yourself to manage. Try to delegate as many tasks as possible leaving you free to see an overview of how things are coming together and to help out on tasks where there is more to do, or it involves extra organisation or heavy lifting.

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