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If you are a business owner, then you must be using the tried and tested ways of online marketing already. This would include having your own website, a presence on Facebook, Twitter and so on. What a lot of businesses fail to realise is the power and importance of blogging as a strategy.

Many think that too much time and effort is required to invest behind blogging. The general misconception behind using a blog network like empower blog network is that it won’t yield enough returns to justify the investment.

Once you talk to regular business blog owners, they will tell you that it is a surprisingly simple task once you have gained the comfort level. It doesn’t take more than half an hour a day and can have positive effects on the business. Read on if you want to find out more about the advantages of business blogging.

  • Cheap marketing tool

As you are probably aware, blogs are usually free or at the most pretty cheap. In case you want an integrated blog, then you can build it into the existing website as well. On the other hand, if you want to maintain an independent blog, then you can use blog platforms like empower network blog. Most of these platforms are free or very low cost.

However, ideally business blogs should have their own domain as this looks professional and also creates a unique brand identity.

  • Networking

Blog networks are great for networking. A well built network is the life-blood of any thriving business. Through a blog you can maintain connections with thousands of clients, potential clients, readers and so on. It is impossible to maintain these connections individually. A blog helps the business to have a voice and reach out to this network.

If your blog is regularly updated and has the right tags, then it can reach thousands of readers among your target or focus group. It keeps memories fresh and your business dynamic. What every business requires is a network of two kinds, an internal one within the structure of the company and an external one with the target groups.


  • Brand visibility

Your blog also becomes part of your brand. It enhances the visibility of your services and products. The blog has to be branded well, with its own domain name. Then your brand remains fresh in the memories of the public, especially the ones who are regular online browsers.

It also invites collaborations with other companies. Other company or related blogs can link back to certain sections of your blog which is relevant to them. Through techniques like link building and link swapping, you can build up a formidable online presence. This will lead to higher traffic to your site and higher search engine results.

  • Enhanced interaction with customers

As opposed to an impersonal website, a blog has a more direct and personal approach. The blog is usually maintained by an individual or a few people. It also has a distinctive style and approach that people can connect to. Regular readers of the blog will comment on the blog, which can then be replied to. This leads to a personalised attention that will draw more clients and like minded people.

If you enable comments, then customers can directly give you feedback. This can include both compliments and complaints. You can also have discussions and debates, inviting suggestions and ideas for customers. This creates a healthy dialogue with the audience. Such interaction is vital for any business to survive the competition.

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