Tips for Protecting Your Car Against Theft

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You’ve worked hard, bought your vehicle and now you’re ready to enjoy your commute to work or an afternoon in the country with your family. In her article for the, Cara Giaimo says that even though you have a long commute, “you actually spend 90% of your time away from your car.”  No matter where your vehicle is located, it is subject to theft but knowing some helpful tips can prevent the heartache of arriving at your car early in the morning to find that it has been attacked by thieves.  Let’s look at some ways you can keep thieves from destroying your new investment.

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Make sure that your car insurance policy covers theft and vandalism

  1. 1.       Make your garage as secure as your home. Purchasing a car is a financial investment which should be protected so that your assets perform for you and make your life better.  Your garage should have strong doors and be equipped with motion-activated lights that will cause criminals to feel your home and garage area are protected.
  2. 2.       Choose your parking spot with care.  Try to park in public, well-lit areas that deter criminal activity.  You will want to avoid parking your vehicle close to trees, bushes, and fences that can provide cover for a thief who is determined to steal or damage your car.
  3. 3.       Keep valuables out of sight.  If you are carrying a laptop, GPS, smartphone or other big ticket device with you, be sure to store it out of view from thieves.  If they cannot see something to steal in just a few seconds, thieves will move on to another vehicle that has a display of goods that can bring them easy money or an item that they can’t afford any other way.
  4. 4.       When in doubt, take it with you.  You should never leave your purse or wallet lying on the front seat in plain view of thieves who are looking for a quick heist.  Take garage door openers, keys, and documents that contain your home address with you or put them in a safe place within your car so that intruders can’t easily snatch them.  Make sure that your children also value the benefits of being safety smart.  They should take expensive games and hand-held devices with them as they leave the car or put them in the trunk for safekeeping.
  5. 5.       Always lock your car no matter how long you’re going to be away from it.  Even if you’re making a quick dash into a local store, be sure to lock your car.  You should also be observant of the people around you and their activity; many thieves are just waiting for your exit so they can snatch your valuables and be on their way.  A professional thief only needs a few seconds to take your items and leave the scene of the crime undetected.

Having a good car insurance policy in place protects your assets and keeps your finances stable and well-protected no matter what event unfolds around your investment in a car.


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