Top 5 Benefits of Using Self-Storage When Moving Home

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Moving home is very often a stressful moment as every one of your belongings is packed away ready to be moved and your previous home is left empty and unfamiliar. However it’s also an exciting time for obvious reasons as you prepare to make a life in a new home. In this article we’ll be looking at the advantages of self-storage to make the move as exciting and stress-free as possible. The main tip here is preparation as this will serve to make the whole process a lot simpler and more manageable. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of using self-storage when moving home. 


1 – Accessibility


There are numerous reasons as to why you might need a self-storage solution when moving home but whatever the case, the ease of access to your belongings is a key feature of self-storage. Whether you need to hold items for just a few weeks or perhaps months, there’s always flexible options to suit your needs which means that if you’re planning to stagger the moving process, keeping your items in a self-storage unit and taking them out gradually could be the best solution. 


The great benefit of self-storage units is that you can access your items whenever you need them, so the moving process is more manageable if you prefer to do it bit by bit. At Yeates self-storage our facility is open 7 days a week 6am-8pm which means that you have availability whenever you need it. There are trolleys and elevators to assist with any large or heavy items which means that it’s a straightforward process from start to finish. 


2 – Security


Another great feature of self-storage units is the knowledge that your belongings are kept safe and secure. Storage facilities are well maintained first of all and always ensure the security of your belongings. With certain security measures such as CCTV cameras in constant operation, intruder and fire alarms and of course padlocked units; your belongings will remain exactly as you left them. There are also insurance options available for total peace of mind. 


Ensuring the safety of customers’ possessions is of course a storage unit’s number one priority. This is why every facility will have extensive security measures in place to ensure this to provide customers with total confidence. 


3 – Size


The great thing about self-storage is that there are a number of sizes available to suit every need and even if you go over maximum capacity, you can even spread out into another unit. In fact, a lot of businesses now use self-storage to house their extra stock or spare office supplies as it’s an affordable option to free up office space as well as having constant access to it if necessary: win-win! 


If you’re unsure about what size unit you may need, please contact your local self-storage facility as they will have professional staff who can give you an idea based on the quantity or size of your belongings. What I will say on loading up your storage unit is to do so with some foresight. What I mean by this is that when you move home, you’ll probably want to access larger/ heavier items first to load onto a truck so it will definitely help to think about how you pack the unit in regards to how you’re going to unpack it!


4 – Rental Periods


There is great flexibility in terms of rental periods for storage units which means that you can prepare your moving day/ days accordingly. And even if you don’t know the exact move dates, the rental terms are flexible to suit every customer’s needs so you won’t need to worry about committing to a time scale that doesn’t suit you. 


Another great feature is that the majority of self-storage facilities offer a short notice period so you can empty and vacate the unit with ease.


5 – Affordability


The popularity of self-storage facilities has risen in recent years for obvious reasons, it offers a reliable and affordable solution for a number of situations where you may need some extra space for storage. It’s popularity is also thanks to the affordability of self-storage which starts from as little as £5 a week in many cases. This means that even if you plan to keep your belongings for an extended period of time, there will be price plans to suit every requirement. 


There are often extra services available too that make the entire process even simpler; packing materials in case you need to box up items, packing services by professionals in certain cases. You may also want the contents of your unit to be packed up and transported on moving day which can certainly be arranged as well. 


There are plenty of benefits in using a self-storage facility as it offers so much convenience and flexibility. Whether you need short-term solutions or a long rental period, self-storage is a great solution when you need somewhere secure and reliable for some time before moving them to their final destination. Hopefully you’ve found some relevant and useful information in this article and always get in touch with the storage facility to see what options they have available to suit your needs.

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