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In today’s highly competitive, global marketplace it is vitally important that every member of a company’s management structure, including the administrators, be at the top of their game and current with education, trends and strategies. An online degree in business administration paired with keeping up to date with the latest trends by reading the top business blogs is more effective than ever in establishing these goals.

Blogs are a great way to get large amounts of current information on every aspect of business to increase one’s worth. People who have enjoyed success in their respective fields seem to love to share the secrets of their success and you can be the beneficiary of their desire to share.

As with any information garnered for the internet, you must always consider the source. Just because someone writes something in a blog does not mean it’s true. The only blogs of any value are those written by reputable people or organizations, preferably those who have had personal success in the fields that are writing about.

It is not easy to clarify exactly what the job of a business administrator entails. To be successful in their position they must wear many hats. It may also be required to continue education. If you are looking helpful hints and advice or online degree programs, blogs are a great place to turn, but how do you know which ones to read, which ones will help you the most.

Look for those that have been written by folks who have been where you are now and that speak to the specific areas you need the most help in. Be sure that the authors are reputable and knowledgeable or the advice they offer may lead both you and your business astray.

There are countless blogs on the web written for and by business administrators, many of which are not worth the cyberspace they take up. However, here are just a few of the many that hold up to scrutiny.

  • – set up by the federal government to promote and support small businesses, this is a website that provides access to several business administration related blogs.
  • tompeters! – this blog, written by Tom Peters, whom some have referred to as the management guru, is full of information about successful business administration and management practices.
  • Work Matters – written by Bob Sutton, the author of the “Things I Believe” blog series continues to impart insights and tips into business administration in a no nonsense, fluff free style.
  • Five Cent Nickel – this blog deals with money matters, from managing cash flow and salary expenditures to sound investing practices to help keep your company in the red.
  • CEO Blog – Time Leadership – this blog is reminds us that the adage “Time Is Money” is true and offers advice of how to manage both your and your employees’ time for maximum production and profitability.
  • Small Business Trends – this blog is geared towards small business owners and administrators. However, the up to date information about financing, management, marketing and technology is valuable to administrators of any company, regardless of the size.
  • OPEN Forum – this is a platform for business leaders to share their experiences and what they learned from them. Provides massive amounts of information and advice from real people that really manage successful businesses.
  • Both Sides Of The Table – tips and information about business administration from a man, Mark Suster, who has successfully started, managed and sold two business and now works for large multinational company. This well-rounded, successful background gives him in depth insight into how to get things done and how to effectively manage finances and people.
  • Seth’s Blog – this is the daily musings and inspirations of best-selling author, Seth Godin. In it he offers advice and experience based insights into the business world and those who manage it.
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