Top reasons as to why you must join a club or society in your university

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When you are studying for graduation at a college or a university, you must seriously contemplate joining a club or a society, which will encourage overall development of your mind and body. The club need not necessarily be the one that calls for you to be academically active. You will be surprised at the variety of extracurricular activities that a university provides for its students. Therefore, there is something interesting to look forward to for every student as it covers a wide range of events and activities that will appeal to all kinds of students. Although these clubs and societies charge a minimal amount to be a part of their group, it is completely worth every dime as you get the opportunity to learn and grow over time. Besides, it can open up impressive avenues for graduate schemes, if you are keen on that aspect. Given below are some massive benefits of these clubs and societies in your university, which cannot be ignored.

1.)   An excellent way to channel all your academic stress:

It goes without saying that graduate education is a challenging feat and keeping up with the massive workload, assignments and exam portions can prove to be daunting task. It is during these times that a student can feel an immense amount of stress. Clubs and societies are an excellent way to compensate for this stress as they effectively suffuse a sense of positivity among the students. To put it simply, a club or society is a place where you can enjoy doing things that you like. It will help take your mind off the stressful academics and focus purely on activities that keep you happy. You could therefore, join a sports club or a music one based on your hobbies and likes.

2.)   Gives your social skills a boost:

Needless to say, being in a society or club will involve you and several other likeminded people who share the same thoughts, ideas and most importantly, the love for a particular activity. Therefore, it will increase your chances of interacting with new people and getting to know them. Besides, these clubs are also excellent for introverts to socialise and increase their confidence levels. While these attributes may seem extremely trivial to you, you need to realize that these qualities can help you immensely after graduation when you go job hunting as it is these skills that will enable you to exude confidence and speak with poise and interact with your colleagues.

3.)   Enhances your mental and physical health:

Concentrating solely on academics can have a deteriorating effect on your mental and physical health and can lead to development of unhealthy eating habits. Clubs that encourage some form of physical activity like a basketball or cricket club is an excellent way to alter this unhealthy lifestyle and make things healthier for you. College and university students are bound to rely on alcohol and takeaways for most part of their college life and therefore, it is important to include some form of physical activity to counter this.

4.)   A golden star on your CV:

One of the most important benefits of being part of these clubs and societies during your graduating years is the fact that they provide an extremely positive effect on your CV when you wish to go job hunting, not to mention the affirmative effect it will have when you apply for graduate schemes. Employers are constantly looking for people who are active, positive and extremely enthusiastic about working for them. Although they focus on good grades, they also want a workforce that will enjoy their social surroundings and make the workplace a fun an interactive environment, which can be provided by these societies and clubs.

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