Uber Prevents DUIs Across the Country

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The fight against DUIs has become so serious in this country, which the creators of mobile apps have begun to get on with the cause. The new Uber App is one that has been used at the Dallas Cowboys football organization in order to prevent intoxicated players from getting behind the wheel. The app actually acts as an automatic dialer, which calls the local cab company to pick the intoxicated player up at their current location. This app has been hailed as not only a great effort for the league, but also a possible solution for areas that have a high DUI rate. Of course, it is not going to be easy to encourage some people out there to willingly put an app on their phone that measures whether or not they are intoxicated.

In the cases where someone chooses to drink and drive, there will likely be the need for DUI and Criminal defense attorneys at some point in the future. These sorts of offenses can lead to major jail time, criminal convictions, fines and an inability to find work in the future. Having a DUI makes someone appear as if they are irresponsible and reckless to many around them, particularly employers. With a good enough attorney it is possible to take on the DA and attempt to have the charges lessened or dropped altogether, but with continued reckless behavior involving alcohol, there is a good chance that someone could end up in prison or worse.

With the use of apps like Uber becoming more main-stream, it could be possible to make the roads safer from drunk drivers. Of course those who have a drinking problem would need to ‘opt-in’ in order for these programs to be effective. The courts could begin requiring these apps be used when someone is convicted of a DUI, much like a Breathalyzer. If everyone began to value their life as much as the NFL values the lives of their players, there is a very good chance that the road would be a safer place to be.

The number of DUIs currently occurring in the United States in 2012 alone totaled more than 10,000 people. With the number of fatalities this high, the number of DUIs occurring has gone from being a problem to being an epidemic. If the use of Uber can begin to prevent deaths on the road, it should be marketed to the public en masse. Parents should begin requiring their children to use it if they want to continue receiving financial assistance from them, the courts should begin using it in DUI cases and it should be marketed on a national basis. With apps like Uber in place, there is a good chance that not only DUIs, but the culture around drinking itself will be transformed into something more responsible.

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